Executive Gender Gap

About Executive Gender Gap

A project by Rina Schiller


Executive Leadership Gap is a project meant to shine a light on the lack of women in executive leadership in the top 100 Fortune Companies. The size of each circle represents the precentage of women in the company. If you hover over any of the circles you'll see the exact percentage of women and men. You can also drag the circles around the chart. If you click on the 'Men' button the circles will grow to the size of the percengage of the men and the 'Women' button will restore the circles back to their original size. The darkness of the circles is also an indicator of the more women or men. The 'Unite' button will join all the circles together to symbolize the hope that the companies will one day come together in pursuit of executive leadership gender equity. You can see the entire database and list of names in the database tab.


In order to compile the data I scraped a website called LittleSis.org, "a free database of who-knows-who at the heights of business and government." I went through the list of Fortune 500 Companies, scraping each company and the links to executive leadership within that company. Then I used a Python package called gender-guesser which determined the gender of the person based on their first name.


After collecting the data I calculated the percenage of women in each company. I used D3.js to create a bubble chart of circles using each company's female percentage as the size of the circle. I used D3's other features like force layouts and gravity to create the animation effects.